Saturday, August 31, 2013

Practice Makes Perfect...

Today I was mucking around with some iPhone camera apps, and took some photo's, I was not going to show them here, cause they are pretty bad, but I want to be able to compare them in 12 month time. 

So here they are, the lighting is pretty bad, I was also rushing them as we had to meet David's mum for lunch, for her birthday yesterday :)

Jacket: 'Autograph'
Dress: 'Autograph'
Leggings: 'City Chic'
Shoes: 'Converse'
Earrings: 'The Rainbow Shop' Byron Bay
Necklace: Not sure, maybe Autograph/Virtu
Headband: 'The Rainbow Shop' Byron Bay
Handbag: 'The Rainbow Shop' Byron Bay

Next time I will not rush and take them in better lighting, excuse the blue strapping on my arm. I have ordered a black one and will get it on Tuesday.

Anyway thats it from me for now:)

Thursday, August 29, 2013


When you are plus size, trying to find pantyhose can be a mission, but never fare, just a few thousand miles across the other side of the world you can now purchase them online. 'Sonsee Woman' have a great selection, I have never purchased from there before but do plan to soon, from what I have read from other bloggers they are apparently brilliant. 

Click 'here' to see the collection. 

"If you’re a Sonsee-sized woman, you know how difficult it can be to find sexy, luxurious hosiery that truly fits your body. Until now, plus size hosiery has been tight, controlling, restricting, uncomfortable, sold in bland colours and generally thrown out after one wear.
Not anymore.
Sonsee has discovered the best thing to come out of Italy – next to Sofia Loren, that is.
Italian materials and manufacturing have married to create hosiery that stretches beyond your imagination.
It’s comfortable, sexy, durable and fits your body".

Go and check them out, I plan to place an order soon, and will let you know how I get on.

Oh and don't forget you can follow this blog, on the right hand sidebar you can add yourself, someone has to be the first :)

Blondie1, told me about this woman on Trade me who sells pantyhose for plus size, check her listings out 'here'. Her name on Trade Me is Cannard. Will try them out soon, so will let you know how they fit - she goes up to size 32. Her website is 'here'

Thanks Blondie1 for that :)

Wednesday, August 28, 2013

First outfit post...

Well what a better way to start a fashion blog with an outfit :)

Yesterday I had to go to my psychologist, so as it was an outing, I made a bit of an effort. I am not a winter person, so tend to wear summer clothes most of the year round. As I am studying at home most days, I tend to live in leggings etc, anything that is comfy :).

A little more about me, I am a pretty casual dresser, but am now getting more adventurous with my fashion, only took me nearly 1/2 century lol. 

Am not the best photographer in the world, but practice makes perfect and hopefully 12 months from now we should see great improvements. And I know for next time not to stand next to the seat, it takes away the skirt, which does not look that great in these photos. 

Anyway we are in the last week of winter and spring is just around the corner, Spring and Autumn would be my favourite seasons, I hate rain, it brings me down, but a nice spring/summer day is pure bliss. I am living for the day I can move back closer to the beach, a place where I am at my happiest :)

Onto the clothes now, due to my CRPS I can not wear many shoes, to find out more about CRPS click 'here', my dream was to find a pair of boots when I was on holiday, well no such luck with my swollen ankle, so discovered the next best thing, converse shoes, you can get some pretty nice converse shoes nowadays, no longer just the plain black and white ones.

Skirt: 'Holy Clothing' in Purple Fuchsia
Top: 'Autograph' (Currently on sale online at the moment)
Necklace: 'Surfers Paradise Market'
Shoes: 'Converse'
Handbag: 'The Rainbow Shop' Byron Bay
Earrings: 'Broadbeach Markets'

Anyway thats about it from me for now... have a lovely day :)

Tuesday, August 27, 2013


Welcome to my new blog, where I will be discussing fashion, makeup and whatever else takes my fancy. I am no expert and am only just learning all about fashion for plus size myself. I will be doing makeup reviews and other bits and bobs all to do with fashion. 

I have another blog, where I discuss my CRPS (Complex Regional Pain Syndrome), check it out 'here', if you want to know more about me :)

Posts wont be daily on this blog, but am aiming for 2-3 times a week.

Anyway first post should be up tomorrow hopefully :)