Thursday, September 26, 2013

Where I am at....

I did a more in-depth post over on my CRPS blog, if you want to check it out properly :)

I am loving that I can buy nice clothes at my size, but I need to lose weight, not because I think I will look better but for my health, with CRPS, I need to get fitter and healthier, I have ignored it before, but I am wanting to move to Aussie in about 2-3 years, which means I need to get myself as healthy as possible, so I can get back into part time work and of ACC. I will always a be a plus size, so this blog will be continuing, but sometimes health has to come first....

Anyway if you want to know more, check out the CRPS blog link up above, and next week I will be back in here blogging about fashion etc... Am hoping to get my "Tee Aussie Curves" post up this week still :)

Anyway onto a healthier life I go, if you want to follow I will be mostly updating on the CRPS blog, so follow me there :)

Sunday, September 15, 2013

Aussie Curve - $50 Outfit

This weeks Aussie Curves challenge is an outfit under $50, well I was hoping my stuff from Autograph would have arrived but no such luck, seeing as today is a stay at home day, this is what I chose to wear.... it comes in under $50. No makeup, wet hair just me :)
Sorry the pictures are blurry, not sure why as the iPhone is usually pretty good - anyway onto my outfit.  And also Biscuit our dog has to always be in the picture :)

Leggings - ASOS - $19.20
Top - Virtue - $29.95 (Less a $10 Voucher) so really only $19.99 (Feel like a bit of a cheat lol)
Shoes $9.99 (Not sure where I got them from but last summers). 

Total $49.14 (Bugger just realised it was over $50 as the Virtue top was Aussie $)

Phew just got this in time, next week I will be more organised :)

And after that we decided to go to 'Tirau' for a look around, so added a bit of make-up some decent shoes and away I went :)

Catch you all next week :)

Saturday, September 14, 2013


After a couple of days of rain, the sun is back out, and Spring is with us once again... and the bright sun and the luscious colour of the grass and flowers makes me want to splash out in some of these beautiful summer dresses from 'City Chic'

Here are some of my favourites....

Wild Floral Dress
Dress Spring Garden

When I see dresses like this, I just want to pack up a picnic, go and find a nice beach somewhere and relax, or the bottom one I would wear in a cooler evening and sitting outside somewhere enjoying a nice dinner :)

Shame the weather is not quite warm enough to enjoy outside yet, but wont be long :)

Thursday, September 12, 2013


Is it time to update your face cleansers etc, well carrying on reading if you want a good deal, which I discovered today, if you don't like Natio, then Revlon have also a good offer going.

'Farmers' stores have a great deal on if you happen to like Natio, and it goes till the end of September or till stocks run out.

Spend $45 on Natio products and you get a free gift valued at over $94, and better still spend another $15 and you get another smaller free gift. This is to good to resist, and it is all animal friendly :)

I purchased the Natio Ageless Toner, and the Ageless Day and Night Cream....

And got this free........

Renew Neck & Decolletage Cream 20g
Renew Day Cream SPF 15 20g
Rosemary Hand & Nail Cream 75ml
Instant Bronzer 50ml
Super Long Lash Mascarra - Black 10ml
Renew Radiance Foam Cleanser 20ml
Rich Colour Creme Gloss - Calm 6.5ml

And then if you spend the extra $15 you get
Ageless Extra Firming Moisture Treatment 20ml
Gentle Facial Scrub 20g
Shea Butter Lip Balm 4g

I am not sponsored for this post, I just figured I would spread the word on such a good bonus. 

This weeks Aussie Curves theme is "under $50", am hoping to get some photos taken tomorrow for this, was hoping my Autograph clothes I ordered last week would be here,but no such luck, so will have to see what else I can find :). 

Thats it from me for tonight, have a great weekend all, and come back on Sunday and see what I will have up for my $50 Aussie Curve theme. 

Thursday, September 5, 2013

Morning Tea...

The other day I was meeting a friend for coffee, so it was time to make a bit of an effort with my appearance, I really need to look at getting my haircut and coloured again soon, getting the eyebrows done next week. 

Anyway this is what I wore (excuse the blue tape on my arm, it was the only colour I had, now I have some different ones to match the clothes):

Headband: 'Circle of Wolves'
Necklace: 'Cobalt Heights'
Earrings: 'Skingraft'
Cardigan: 'ASOS'
Tunic: 'Autograph' - Currently on sale
Belt: Came from another outfit
Skirt: 'Holy Clothing' The colour is majolica blue
Shoes: 'Converse'

Today one of my skirts I wear around the home, ripped beyond repair, a year ago I would have been freaking out because I would have only owned a couple of skirts, but now it was ok not a problem it lasted well and I have plenty of other clothes to replace it, I really need to thank 'Aussie Curves' for this change, reading all the blogs has made such a difference to my life :)

Makeup wipes, I was feeling a bit broke so purchased some cheap ones the other week, OMG never ever again, will I go cheap, just getting them out of the package they break up. The ones I am talking about are Athena Beaute Facial Cleansing Wipes.
This is one of those times when you get what you pay for. Can't wait till they are all gone and I can replace them with some different ones. What ones do you use?

Wednesday, September 4, 2013

Goodiebox - August

'Goodiebox' is a beauty box that comes once a month, you pay $29.95 and you get samples and full size products to try out.

Sorry the quality is bad, but it was the only way I could upload it :(.

Anyway thats it, will let the video tell you all about it :)

Monday, September 2, 2013

Aussie Curves

This weeks Aussie Curve theme is "Vulnerable Side"... for me that is my arms, I hate having them naked, I feel very vulnerable when they are not covered. But this is why I am doing Aussie Curves, to take me out of my comfort zone :)

Meaning of "Vulnerable"

  • Capable of or susceptible to being wounded or hurt
  • Open to moral attack, criticism, temptation, etc
  • (of a place) open to assult

I believe this one looks much better with the arms covered up...

Today I am wearing:
Cardigan: 'Autograph'
Leggings: 'ASOS Curve'
Shoes: 'Vans' Not sure where, but know it was a shoe shop in Byron Bay
Headpiece: 'The Rainbow Shop'
Necklace: 'Markets'
Earrings: 'Gypsy Fair'

If you want to join in, click 'here' to join the challenge !

Sunday, September 1, 2013

And another....

Today we went to a dog show, which was suppose to be open till 4pm, we got there at 2pm and most of the puppies had gone, I get really annoyed when that happens, I would have gone earlier had I known... anyway this is what I wore today, once the weather warms up I will be taking more photos outside, it was another chilly day here today, and it is also the first day of Spring today as well. 

Today I am wearing:
Cardigan: 'Autograph'
Tunic: 'Autograph'
Leggings: 'ASOS Curve'
Shoes: 'Vans' Not sure where, but know it was a shoe shop in Byron Bay
Headpiece: 'The Rainbow Shop'
Necklace: 'Markets'
Earrings: 'Gypsy Fair'

Another week is due to start tomorrow, I have an online exam to sit, and also a new week for 'Aussie Curves' which I gave a miss this week as I do not own a LBD :), next weeks one is 'Vulnerable Side', think I have it sussed :)