Friday, October 25, 2013

Where is the time going...

Time is going so fast, have nearly finished doing all my study notes, so then it will all be revision and more revision. 

I have found some awesome clothes on Etsy which are Fair Trade clothing, I will be sharing some of them on here hopefully next post. I have also found many other things on there as well that I have fallen in love with lol.

This weekend here in New Zealand is a long weekend, David has been in Wellington for the week and due home in a couple of hours. 

Next week, now that the pressure is off, I am hoping to start back at Aussie Curves, I feel a little bad that I have not been doing them, but I had to prioritise. 

Anyway hope those that are having a long weekend has a good one, and see you next week, with a new improved me, well maybe not that improved yet but changes are going to be happening again, I started neglecting myself, time to put me first again.

Oh yeah got my nose pierced again, which I love, and Wedensday am getting my nails done, then in about 2 weeks, will be getting my hair done again. Oh and one more thing, I have been doing a bit of exercise again, just on the Exercycle and Ab machine - small steps :)

Catch you all soon and stay safe :)

Sunday, October 20, 2013

I am on a mission....

Since reading the blog the other day (post below), fair-trade clothing has been on my mind, I purchase fair-trade makeup, and now I am going to try and purchase fair-trade clothing which is not an easy mission for anybody, but with a lot of research over the coming months, (in-between my exams), I am hoping to give you vital information on what brands to avoid (if you want to support fair-trade) and hopefully find some awesome brands to buy from. If thats not hard enough I am going to try and do this for plus size fashion as well...... Not only am I going to look at clothing, but I am also going to look at make-up as well. 

First stop would of course be "ETSY", a place where a lot of clothes are made by the owners themselves, what a great way to support a small business. I will add links to the places on the side bar, or I may open a new page for it, depending on big it gets :). Not only can you find great clothes for all sizes, but you can find some awesome handmade jewellery as well. 

This is not going to be an easy mission, and if you see any errors, please please let me know:), and also if you know of any good sites leave a comment so I can add them.

So watch this space :)

Thursday, October 17, 2013

An eye opener.....

I found this blog today..., All my make-up is animal friendly and have been thinking about clothes for a while now, anyway check out this "blog", it is well worth the read and in case you can't be bothered (shame on you), then here is the list so far. 

Quoted from the blog:

The following list of brands are some of the top worst offenders, violating numerous human rights, labor laws, utilize child labor, and/or pose immense environmental hazards, and are not working to improve their practices. So because they won't change, we can! Let's try our best to avoid these horrible corporations and put morality and ethics over blind consumerism (and in doing so force these companies to do the same!) 

Victoria's Secret
Ralph Lauren

Giorgio Armani
Banana Republic
Old Navy
JC Penny
Hugo Boss
Tommy Hilfiger
Kate Spade
New York & Company
Bath & Body Works
American Apparel

No need to say anymore....

Tuesday, October 15, 2013

Where oh where do these weeks go!

On the weekend, hubby and I went to Napier, to get away for a bit. I happened to be looking at "Trade Aid" where I found this wonderful handbag from India. I love love it :)

I also went to "The Original Gypsy Fair", where I found this herbal vanilla shampoo powder, I have used it twice now, not sure yet if I like it or not, the smell is lovely, I also got some Vanilla Perfume  I love Vanilla and Coconut, my favourite  two smells. I also had a voucher from "The Body Shop" and got some vanilla shower gel. 

I have not done any outfit posts lately, or "Aussie Curves" posts, I have not been in the right frame of mind, and also had lots to assignments to get done. Hope to get back into outfit posts in the next week or two. The worst of the study is over, apart from exams in about 4 weeks. 

Anyway hope everyone is doing well out there and will be back soon :)

Sunday, October 6, 2013

Big News for 'Autograph' Fans in New Zealand

"Autograph" is coming to New Zealand, Ok they are already here in some places but they are opening in The Base Hamilton soon, I am stoked. I love a lot of their stuff ...

And are already in Auckland at Sylvia Park, Lynmall and at North City Wellington. I can't wait for the Hamilton one to open, then I am going for a day's shopping and will suss out Autograph, City Chic, and TS and Virtue Boutiques - I will be in heaven so I had better get saving :).

I know what I want, just need the money :)

Another week has passed for Aussie Curves and I failed to join in once again, I have an excuse, I have assignments due and they have been taking up all my time :). I am hoping to join in the stripe one for this week, providing I can find something stripy, not sure if I have anything :)

To be honest I have been a bit out of sorts lately but hope to get my mojo back soon :)

Tuesday, October 1, 2013

Introducing "PINK CLOVE"

I have been seeing on blogs lately a relatively new company offering plus size clothes "PINK CLOVE", sizes 16 - 32. It is a UK site, and has some awesome stuff, to ship internationally it is a fee of   £9.99, which I think is pretty reasonable.

Here are a few of my favourite things, they are not badly priced and once I save some money up, I plan to do an order - the twins 18th cost a wee bit more than planned, but it was worth it :)

Cap Sleeve Lace Dress - £26

 Floral Skater Dress With Belt - £22

Gold Roses Foil Print Pencil Skirt - £12

Graphic Print Woven Front Top - £9.10

Love Print Tank With Studs - £9.80

Peplum Top With Contrast Upper - £8.40

Tartan Skater Dress with Belt - £22

Very reasonable prices even with the exchange rate, I will do a review on the clothes when I place an order.... but in the meantime go and check them out, and if you buy something come back and let me know :)