Friday, November 29, 2013

Whoops, what happened to this month?

I have been a bit quiet, and that is probably cause I have not been doing much, or buying much - but that is just an excuse I got lazy in taking photos :)

But anyway here I am back again and hope no am going to do at least 2 posts a week, ideally 3. 

Now with all the Black Friday sales happening, I could not resist, I am always unsure about a first order with a shop, has you never know what the fittings are, but today I took a risk and placed an order with "Modcloth" . They had 50% of a lot of items, and also free international shipping for orders over $150. I read all the reviews etc and hope I have ordered the correct sizes - time will tell :)

This is what I ordered in $US:

"Floral Flashback Dress" - was $54.99 with 50% off I got it for $26.99

Next up is this - "Top Deck Dinner Dress" $84.99, but I will change the belt I think, this was not in sale but I loved it so much and the reviews were great, so figure it was worth the risk.

Next up is this "Charter School Cardigan in Black" to go over the dresses if it is a little on the chilly side, 
this was $34.99

And last to make it up to the $150 I got a "Alluringly Aureate Headband" which was $8.99

LOL after all that, I only got 1 thing that was 50% off, oh well, I love a lot of their clothes so if they fit nice, I will buy more.

Anyway not to much has been happening, got my nails done again, but this time I didn't get gel polish though I loved it, I also love to change my colours of my nails to match what I am wearing, next time I will get a couple of feature nails done, still trying to decide what I want done on them, was going to do something Christmas themed but know once Christmas was over I would want them off. Will show you what I get done :)

In about 2 weeks, I get my roots bleached and also get my eyebrows reshaped again, so I will be all up to date when it comes to Christmas. Speaking of the clothes I ordered today, they should arrive in time for Christmas, and I think I will wear the Top Deck Dinner Dress.

Anyway have a great weekend all, and  will be back on Sunday with a post, I have joined a workshop called "Love EVERY Body" - A Body Positivity Workshop, but more on that on Sunday :)

Friday, November 1, 2013


My lovely converse shoes are owned by Nike and we all know they are not on the fair trade list.... so I am going to have to look at alternatives when they wear out. There are alternatives out there, just got to search for them.

Anyway onto some fair trade things I have found, all pictures will be linked if you want to find out more info. :)

First up we must remember "Trade Aid", stores around New Zealand or buy online, with Christmas next month, check them out for some special gifts :)

I am loving this "beach chic wrap bracelet"
$58 ($NZ)
I have found this wonderful full length wrap skirt - Made from soy or bamboo cotton. Available from the Etsy store "VioletStarCreations" 

$99.30 ($NZ) - Sizing up to 5xl (Made to Order)

Here is another one of their dresses $136.54 
"Sleeveless VNeck Dress" Soy or Bamboo Organic Cotton Jersey)

And this one I love - "Patchwork Peasant Dress"
By the Etsy store yanadee $105.51 ($NZ)

It is made from organic fabric - also what I love is that these people will make to measure as well :) - I really think I am going to order this one :)

I am really enjoying finding these shops etc.... and am loving the clothes, yes they are more expensive but I think it is worth every penny spent :)

Anyway sorry for being quiet on here, and on that note have an excellent weekend all - oh and one more thing got my nails done the other day, and got my first ever gel polish :)

Am loving them....

Oh and 1 more thing I am after a coffin handbag - I love them :)