Saturday, February 8, 2014

Not sure but....

I am thinking of no longer using this blog, but just using the one I post most often on, I don't have enough of a life to run both blogs, I will keep this one open though in case I find combining the two is just not working :)

So click "HERE" to be taken to my other blog :)

Sunday, February 2, 2014

Love Every Body - Part 3

I missed part two, it was the first Sunday of Jan, and we had, had a pretty rough time, so gave it a miss, am hoping to do a catch up on it soon :)

Anyway this months theme is "Shoulders, Arms & Hands"

My shoulders are very broad, and not just because I am fat, yes I said that dreaded word fat, but hey there is no denying it I am fat - anyway I digress back to the topic, as I was saying my shoulders are broad, that has come from many years doing swimming 6 days a week, I was a strong swimmer and in my younger days I did many competitions so my shoulders were very important in to me then, they saw me win a few competitions. They were good for me when I broke my ankle many a time and had to use crutches,  now they are there, just a part of me - I tend to ignore them most of the time now...

Arms well I quite like my arms, well did used to like my arms, up until 3 years ago, they did many things, they cuddled my children, helped to make with my hands many lovely food dishes, wrote many essays, got me through school, used them daily for exercise and swimming and many other things I enjoyed. I used them everyday for many years not even noticing they were there -  and up until 3 years ago, I took them for granted. 5 years ago, I broke my leg again, this time it didn't heal (I will elaborate more on that when we do the leg section), and I was diagnosed with "Complex Regional Pain Syndrome" (CRPS), and then 3 years ago, I had a pushbike accident and needed surgery on my left wrist, this then spread the CRPS to my left arm, which soon mirrored itself to my right arm. Somedays I love my arms but most days I hate them now, they are in constant pain thanks to the CRPS, but having said that, though they are in pain all the time, life is so much easier with arms, and I would not be without them, I can still hug the puppy with them, and can still give the children (well young adults a hug with them) and though some days they piss me off big time, I would much rather have pain with arms than no pain with no arms (though I am sure I would adapt with no arms like other people do). They also hold my charm bracelet which has charms that are important to me on it, so I look at the charms and they give me lovely memories. I don't like the top of my arms, and tend to cover them but am trying to remedy this :)

Hands, I hated them for many years, they are chubby and always didn't want any attention given to my hands.... they are still chubby, but now I take pride in them, I get a manicure done regularly, I use hand cream daily, I make sure they always have lovely nail polish on them, I know longer hide them. Even with CRPS they still do me well, occasionally they decide to piss me off and will make me drop things but generally they are pretty good hands.

All the three together work nicely together, they all combine together to dress me, do my make-up, do my hair, and all those other little things that make me feel beautiful, so though at times individually they can annoy me, without the three of them working together life would be so much harder. 

So there you have it, though I moan occasionally about my shoulders, arms and hands - life would be so much harder if I didn't have any part of them :)